Respect Your Elders

I find it sad that I even have to ask this question. What happened to kids showing respect towards adults. Has it come from all the people who believe it is wrong to spank now, the disengagement between parents and kids because of addiction to technology, whatever it may be it is saddening. We went to eat at Texas Roadhouse this past weekend which happened to be the same night as prom. As we walk in I open the first door for my wife and walk in. There are two high school boys who walk in behind me. As we all walk in the first set of doors the second ones open and it is a very elderly couple walking out. With the high school boys behind me I assumed one of them would stay behind and hold the door for the older couple to exit. NOPE. They let it slam in the face of the couple. I bumped past both of them and grabbed the door for them and told them sorry about that. If my parents had seen me act that way I would have had my butt busted. It almost makes me think is my kid going to be weird because I’m going to teach them to say yes mam and no sir. I know not all kids are this way but it makes me angry that I see more of this behavior than what I would consider the right way. Here is to our generation restoring the norm?


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