Transition of Arguments from Dating to Marriage

My wife and I dated about 4 years before we finally got married. We had all the good arguments while dating but nothing like the ones we have now. If you are in the dating stages you know all those good arguments. In our day and age half of those arguments came from me liking Megan Fox’s bikini pics on Instagram. (I got smarter when we got married and stopped liking them) I actually made that story up but we have definitely had our fair share of spats that have to do with social media while dating. The truth is those arguments changed the day we said “I Do”. We argue about bigger and better things now. Would you believe me if i told you the biggest fight me and my wife have had since we have been married was a few weeks ago over a RUG? Well its the truth! It is funny how you get married and you start seeing transitions in little things like this! I wouldn’t even call them fights because I find it cute that someone could be that passionate about a rug! Our second biggest argument was about hanging clothes in the closet which brings us to Rule #13!  I came home from work one day and a pile of shirts were laying on the floor. I was confused because I knew we didn’t do laundry. When she got home I was taught the lesson of how to hang up clothes properly: shirts evenly placed on the hanger, shoulders not bunched up and has to be facing the right way! Oh and now we have a cool bucket to where we put the empty hangers in because it is too hard to find them! This was fun! I love learning sessions! (where was this rule when we were dating) The problem here was the next day when she got home from work and a pile of her clothes were laying on the floor!! I mean I am super competitive and how dare she think she is better at hanging her clothes than me! So I showed her I had a problem with the way she did it!! I clearly thought it was funnier then she did. ** I may be a bad husband for this but do I have a habit of instigating my wife with things like this because it really is cute to me**

Marriage is fun and life is short, you have to appreciate all parts of it! I wouldn’t trade it for anything! 


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