Pregnancy and Gaining Weight

I know everyone is reading this title thinking no way is this idiot about to talk about his wife’s weight while she is pregnant. Unfortunately for my self I am not talking about my wife. Can someone please explain to me how I have gained more weight then my wife?

She is 20 weeks pregnant and has gained 13 pounds! That is half way there. I am 20 weeks just watching her and I have gained 17 pounds. Something about this does not add up. I have literally been stuck at 190 for about 3 years. The wife gets pregnant and bam here is 20 extra pounds dude! I mean why couldn’t it have been 17 pounds of muscle! Honest story here – I absolutely hate buying clothes so if you think I’m buying new pants your wrong. Today I unbuttoned my pants while I was driving because it was uncomfortable! I’m really disappointed I just told everyone this…

The only real positive here is that I think if I got real big my wife would still love me because she has been real supportive of me throughout my pregnancy and has only laughed a couple times! But really though when people start getting us baby gifts if someone wants to throw in a free month to a gym I would be cool with that!

Side story- My wife’s little sister told me yesterday that she loves my belly…. I guess the one positive here is that I’m going to make one mean Santa Claus this upcoming Christmas! Really thought it’s like God smiled down and said welcome to adulthood, being a dad and oh happy upcoming 26th birthday here is 20 pounds you sinner! 


2 thoughts on “Pregnancy and Gaining Weight

  1. This is hilarious and all too common! Bob did the same with my pregnancy and has about lost it all now!!
    I have an amazing nutritional cleansing system, if you’re interested shoot me a message!
    Keep writing, so we can keep laughing!


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