Writings On The Walls



Words are so powerful. They can be healing, powerful, encouraging and sometimes hurtful. I have always been amazed how the right words and phrases find the way to you like they know exactly what you are going through. One could call it fate or coincidence, but I believe God is always placing the message right in front of your face and he has so many ways of delivering it to you. I always thought you had to be sitting in church on Sunday to get God’s words but the truth is they are everywhere it just boils down to how we choose to see them.

I attend LifeChurch In Stillwater, OK and Pastor Craig is speaking a 4 week message called the Overcomer. It is one of those times that I say to myself these are “writings on the walls”. It is a series of perfect timing that myself and people around me need! The truth is we all have battles we are trying to over come and it can feel so lonely. The good news is THERE’S HOPE FOR THE HOPELESS.

When I say writings on the walls I say that with a meaning that it can come in so ways. On Sundays after church my Mother n Law and Father n Law serve inside the church and set up the inside for the next service. We always sit inside and wait for them to get done. For some reason last Sunday they were asked to serve as greeters which means they hold the doors open for everyone who enters the building. I decided to join and I stood outside with them as where I am normally always sitting inside on my phone. This is why I say God places EVERYTHING where it needs to be. I was approached by a man I have never seen at church. As he got to me he told me he needed to talk with someone and he noticed me outside and thought I looked personable. It caught me off guard because people don’t normally find the guy covered in tattoos personable.  As we talked I learned how he has been contemplating suicide. I noticed he had this child like bead bracelet on his wrist. This guy was telling me all about his depression and all I could come up with is what is the story about the bracelet on your wrist. That was a God using me moment because I never would have asked another man about a bracelet. He told me his niece made it for him and she is his absolute favorite person in the world and she looks up to him so much. I told him that is your reason! He started talking about her and it was just like everything clicked for him! PLACEMENT!!! If I was inside on my phone that exchange never took place!

We are all the writings on the walls!

“Consider it pure joy my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.” James 1: 2-4


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