Rules From My Wife

This is for all my married guys! How many of y’all are given little rules that MUST be obeyed around the house? Little background to this story: My wife is very OCD (she has gotten better). I can’t complain too much because since I have been with her we have never had a dirty house. I just can’t get over these funny little rules I have while in the house. One morning I got bored so I decided to write them all down. I got to about rule 15 and just started laughing. If the requests from her weren’t so funny I might actually be annoyed by them. There is ONE rule that holds a higher significance then any of them! DUST YOUR FEET BEFORE BED!!! So before I get in bed I have to dust my feet(swipe them together for 10 seconds so there is nothing on them).  If I don’t do it the sheets will be in the washer the next morning!  A couple nights ago about 4 am I get up and use the restroom then quietly crawl back in to bed. I feel a tap on my shoulder and hear a quiet little voice say “hey you forgot to dust your feet” if it wouldn’t have been 4 am in the morning I probably would have argued with her then laughed about it but I continued to dust them and get back to sleep!! So if I am not the only one who has a few weird rules please let me know!!!


Sales Sales Sales!

I have been in sales for about 5 years now and here is my advice for anyone who is in it or going to start. Success will come when you start selling yourself and not the product. That is what it ultimately boils down to. For me I sell Insurance. Guess what? There are 100 plus other people in this same small town that also sell insurance. Some more then likely sell it a lot cheaper then me. No matter if your selling nutrition, t shirts, hair product, drugs (jk don’t sell drugs that’s illegal) there are going to be several people doing the same thing. You have to be able to sell yourself to the client and make them want  do business with you rather than the girl right down the street. 


Hey everyone,

Since i was little i have always loved to write. Stories, songs (mainly rap songs), poems and some love letters occasionally! I have wanted to make a blog for quite sometime now but never knew how. (I’m a blonde). Also if you are still reading this my grammar and punctuation’s are more then likely a lower 4th grade level! Back to the story – Thank goodness for my friend Google because i finally learned to how to make a blog! AND ITS FREE! So if you stick around long enough you may find some useful information. Or you may just sit back and laugh at me like my wife probably will! Welcome to my life. . .